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Chilkoot Charlie's Bird House Bar

Pickles, Poultry, Panties and Ptarmigan!

Anyone who has lived in Alaska longer than five years knows about the Bird House Bar that burnt down in Bird Creek, Alaska.  Well, THE BIRD IS BACK!  Built where the exterior deck was previously located, The Bird House Bar opened in August of 2002.  It is an "exact" replica of the original bar - complete with lingerie, cards, pickles, boneless chicken dinners and the Ptarmigan Whistle.  We have had quite the time, gearing up on new undies and new stories, so be sure to come in and find out what all the fuss is about. 

Open every day at 2pm.

Click on the bird to see more Bird House pictures!

More Bird House?

The Bird House (Chris Arend 2003)
The Bird House
At 3rd & Bird (Chris Arend, 2003)