AK Redd Presents "All Gas No Breaks Tour"


May 19, 2017

10:00 pm

Ice Bar

Join Alaska Redd along with California based group Inner Family Legacy and co Headliner Folly Veil aka Jared Moehlin as we continue our 2017 Summer Tour. We're traveling through Alaska down through WA,ID,OR,CA,AZ,UT,MT. Tonight's show is in Rage city We're rock with different artist in select markets along the way. The Koots show will feature music and performances from Anchorage's own Bad Agenda crew, feat Tayy Tarantino , Quickly rising artist on the scene, Stevie The Blessed/ and more. Come smash a PBR and the dance floor in the Ice Bar with us as we kick $#^% off in Alaskas world famous Koots.

don't miss out!