Game Nite


July 23, 2017

11:00 am

North Long Bar

Warehouse 49 is hosting a game night at Koot's. We are super excited to be able to work with Koot's and can't wait to show Koots how large the gaming crowd is in Alaska.Join us and play anything from tabletop and arcade games to console and PC games.This is a bring your own gear (BYOG) event. We will have tables setup, power and network cables ready to go for you.For those who want to play tabletop games we will have tables specifically for that. We will also have a network cable for streaming.


Does this mean I can drink and play video games?

Yes, Koots is a bar and they serve alcohol. Drink responsibly and drink up!

What if I get hungry?

Visit the Alleyway Grille right here in Koot's and grab a bite to eat!

Is there an age restriction?

You must be 21 and over to participate in this event.

Can I stream my gaming?

We will allow for limited streaming. Depending on attendance will determine streaming capabilities.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your gear that you use for gaming whether that be your computer and monitor, console, or your favorite tabletop game.

don't miss out!