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Ruben Gaines

Ruben's page is a tribute to the late Ruben Gaines. On this page you can read about Mr. Gaines as well as some of his stories, poems, radio essays, and newspaper columns. For the curious among you who are asking yourself " Who is Ruben Gaines" ; Why he's...

Alaska's first and greatest poet-laureate.
The legendary man who created the characters Chilkoot Charlie, Six-Toed Mordecai, Suzy Floe, etc.
A dear friend and mentor to club owner Mike Gordon.
Without a doubt one of the finest men a person could ever hope to know.

    Born in 1912 in Portland, Oregon, Ruben Gaines came to Alaska in 1946, following a ten-year radio career in the Pacific Northwest and Hollywood, California. With the exception of a few outside sabbaticals, he has carried on a long radio-television tenure in Alaska. His northern writing career includes a term as Poet Laureate of Alaska, plus collaboration with painter Rusty Heurlin for the audio-visual productions, "The Big Stampede" and "The Great land." He passed away in Anchorage in 1994.

Ruben Gaines' Eulogy Selected Works

Ruben Gaines
Born 1912 Died 1994