Admit One - Boylesque, Girlesque Striptease

6:30 pm

Dark, edgy, campy striptease! Boylesque, Girlesque, Cirque & Drag variety show. General seating only (first come, first serve), ages 21 and up. Doors open 30 minutes prior to the show.

Admit One! Imagine a world... where your favorite movie, video game and cartoon characters have been thrown into a very sexy parallell universe. Some of the more shy ones seem to be acting very...out of character! Immerse yourself in the show and cosplay your favorite persona! Prizes will be given for best male and female costume.

Twisted Mister
Gracie Goodnight
Glenn Coco
Venus Wanderbeam
Christopher Throbbin
Ratchety Anne
Bunnicula Blanc

Special Guest:
Laurie Richards as Judy Garland

Muskrat Molly, Stage Kitten
Guy Galaxy, Stage Panther

Hosted by Mistress Kathy Phillips
Lights & Sound by Mix Master T
Max Overload, Stage Manager

Photos by llens Studios.

Produced and Directed by Gracie Goodnight

Tickets available at

$15 advance

$20 door