Alaska B4UDie Comedy Festival Unbookables Showcase w/ Brett Erickson & Andy Andrist 4/3

9:00 pm

Unbookables Showcase * Feat John Mink * Hosted By Kass Smiley
1 Night Only @ Koot's
Wednesday 4.3   9-11pm Doors open 8:30pm

If you've seen Doug Stanhope Presents' The Unbookables, then you already know that Brett Erickson and Andy Andrist are some of the funniest edge riding comedians in the game.

Brett Erickson:  "The Unbookables" comedian Brett Erickson brings his act to L.A. A fearless and funny, back-of-the-room, comic's comic, Brett takes the stage every night with a dynamic, free-form show grabbed straight from the day's headlines. He's out ahead of other comics. The stuff he's talking about today is the stuff they will be talking about tomorrow.

Andrew Andrist: Andy draws his remarkable comedic courage from the same place he extracts his unique world view: Straight out of another bottle of domestic light beer. His is a world overrun with overweight women, trailer parks, special athletes, Wal-Marts and death.

John Mink: "Offending crowds became hobby, with a pungent tone of freewill to promote the underdog’s scorecard. His raw-dog antics have been seen all over the U.S., performing his own style of “Guerrilla Comedy;” surprise shows. Plugging in a small amp, in random bar or tavern, only to be thrown out by his teeth with threats of trespassing.  Mink has performed across the NW and NYC with many namesakes in the comedy community. Mink’s favorite shows are in small dark alleyway bars where the underbelly of America can be found, in hopes of starting the revolution."

Tix Go On Sale Feb 1st 2019