Great Alaskan Flip Out 2019 Pinball Tournament

2:00 pm

The Great Alaskan Flip Out 2019!
Pinball tournament to be held at The Kootscade, in Koot's.

Come on down to Koot's on Saturday, January 26th, at 2pm, and compete in various categories for bragging rights, and a bit of cash, on 7 different pinball machines.

$10 entry fee per person.

50% of the proceeds collected, via entry fees and T-shirt sales, will go to The Food Bank of Alaska.
The Remaining 50% will be split up between tournament winners.

Will announce brackets the day of.

The point will be to have fun and meet other like minded folks!

Machines to be used in the Tournament:
The Hobbit
Dialed In
Attack From Mars
Dr. Who
Terminator 2
Silver Ball Mania
Adam’s Family
Grand Lizard

Come have some beers and flip out! First go at this, some good (handsome) pinhead amigos are organizing and putting it together.
Come join! 50% proceeds to a great cause, the chance to play some pinball, mingle with others with great taste in recreation!
If you're into pinball, even a little bit, success with events like this can lead to so much more.
So come check it out, hang out. DO NOT be worried about ability, it's not what this is about and you will not be alone!
So come if you can and PLEASE be a dear and share this post.
...and if you really like the idea of weekly pinball during the winter months, join the Anchorage Pinball League here on Facebook.