Koot's Holiday Karaoke Competition 12/12

7:00 pm

Jameson presents:

Qualifying Dates: Nov 14th, 21st Dec 5th, 12th
Competition Finals: Dec 19th

7pm Sign Ups

TO QUALIFY: 12 first come, first served singers will choose a holiday song of their choice to sing for a panel of 3 judges. They will look at your performance with a scale card judging 3 things, Performance, Pitch and Presentation, The top 3 scored performers will then move on to the FINALS on Dec 19th.

FINALS: All top 3 qualifying round performers will choose a DIFFERENT holiday song that they competed with previous weeks and will performance for a new panel of 3 judges. The top 3 will be the 1st 2nd and 3rd places winners.PRIZES TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!

You must sing a holiday song to compete as this is a Holiday themed contest! Feel free to message Koots Karaoke for all the details! Holiday songs include ALL HOLIDAYS!

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