The Avery Wolves at Koot's

9:00 pm

The Avery Wolves -The formation of the high energy psychobilly band from Fairbanks, Alaska began with founding members Nathan Harris and Jason Dahlke in 2010. Nathan and Jason's love of psychobilly led the two on a search for a guitarist, Danny Palomino, who coined the band's name. Dave Keller joined as the new guitarist the following year.What followed the formation of the band was an onslaught of shows at local venues, fairs, Alaskan festivals, the winning of band Battles, and a quick growing fan base from across the state. The trio released a six song EP in 2011 called Wreckin' with the Wolves, and six years later, they are now in the works of releasing their first full length album, Call of the Wolf.With roots in punk, rockabilly, country, and surf music, The Avery Wolves are influenced by many artists ranging from Glenn Danzig to the Stray Cats.After several lineup changes within the band over the years and a small hiatus, the band reunited in 2016 to continue wreckin' with the original upright bass player and singer, Nathan Harris, guitarist Dave Keller, and newest member, Barbie Keller on drums.