The Bushman Boogie Bash 2

9:00 pm

It's a dance party

About this Event

The Bushman Boogie Bash 2 is Saturday, August 17th in the Ice Bar of Koot's and features the return of Todd Armstrong, The Bushman himself (Jacob Mattie), and more! There will be house music all night long as Anchorage's most obsessed lovers of funk and groove get together again to satisfy your dancing desires.

The Bushman is a mythical drunken creature of the night who sucks the souls of the weak if he doesn't get his proper basslines. The Bushman craves the blood of the basic if his demands of a 4/4 beat are not met.. Let's save Anchorage from the frightful terror of The Bushman by getting together and getting down.


**LIMITED SUPPLY* Early Bird 2 for 1 - $15

General Admission - $10

Brought to you by: Koot's and Huycke Entertainment