The High Pets and Friends Live at Koot's 7/12

9:00 pm

Join us for an amazing night of local music in the Ice Bar on Friday, July 12th at 9 PM featuring The High Pets, The Jephries and Secondhand Feels.

This is a 21 and over show.  There is a $5 cover that goes to support the bands.

With their sophomore album due for a late summer release, The High Pets are stoked to share new music with friends and fans.  

Like the bands that inspire them -- Queens of the Stone Age, Sound Garden, Black Angels -- there's a subtle hookiness to the High Pets, pop riffs and a fun, hummable side that keeps you coming back. But The High Pets aren't just pop rock, and the grit they bring to their live shows shines through in every new song they lay down. "Debt Collector" mines that ground between arena rock and something tougher, as Griffin's melodies careen over a thundering low-end and almost crunching, almost classic metal guitar riff. It's a menacing tune for something so pretty.