The Skin Coat at Koot’s - Speculative Drama (On tour from Portland, OR)

7:00 pm

Portland, Oregon’s immersive theatre company Speculative Drama is bringing The Skin Coat on tour to Alaska! This unique play in movement is performing at the prestigious Last Frontier Theatre Conference’s opening ceremony, and will be performing several other dates around the state in a whirlwind rock-band style tour through bars and other unconventional venues.


Saturday and Sunday

June 16th and June 17th

7:00pm Doors, 8pm Show21+

The Skin Coat, devised and performed at Portland underground club The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven last spring, is an immersive retelling of Grimm’s lesser-known Cinderella variant: Thousandfurs. In this exploration of the classic tale, Speculative Drama’s collaborative ensemble takes the original story, full of threatened incest, impossible decisions, magical clothing, and a princess’ tale of love disguised as a monstrous beast, and examines it through the lens of the princess’ agency: claimed by fleeing her kingdom and taking her fate into her own hands. 

The Skin Coat takes inspiration from Icelandic imagery and music, drawing on their legacy of folklore and magical creatures, while constructing an original world rich in mystical characters, spells, and an acceptance of the extraordinary as ordinary.

With a production which relies on minimal sound cues and has no lines, audience members are free to chat, move about the space, and order drinks during the show - they are fully immersed in the world of the play and free to explore that world as they watch the story unfold..

Ensemble: Peyton McCandless, Zed Jones, Kirsten Webb, Nathan H.G., and Megan Skye HaleArtistic Director and Director: Megan Skye HaleCreative Director and Sound Designer: Myrrh Larsen

Portland, Oregon theatre company Speculative Drama was founded to explore the intersection of classic stories and immersive theatre. Helmed by Artistic Director and London-trained classical and movement actor Megan Skye Hale and Creative Director, Technical Designer, and Portland-based musician Myrrh Larsen, Speculative Drama aims to reclaim the relevance of myths, fairy tales, and Shakespeare through movement theatre, immersive staging, and site-specific production. Speculative Drama places the audience directly into the action of our productions, combining the principles of environmental theatre, rich and immersive soundscapes, and an extremely intimate setting. They create an atmosphere of innovation while honoring and maintaining the original texts or source materials.